TVC Resources - Brand Film Treatment



The objective of the TVC Resources promo is to advertise the new website with an engaging, emotionally driven, not overly-churchy video. The viewer should be able to take away from the spot that The Village Church has a new discipleship resource that has sermons, stories, articles, podcasts, and videos that equip men and women to live out the gospel in the everyday.



The audience of the piece is any individual believer, and while it won't neglect church leaders or "the spiritual elite", it will cater to those who are new to faith and have no official theological training.


  • A student– balancing school and life, struggling with her self image.
  • A husband– happily married to the love of his life– while struggling with an addition to pornography.
  • A single mom– raising a child and working a full-time job, just barely staying afloat.

The story revolves around vignettes of these 3 characters tied together thematically by the main theme– that believers come from all different backgrounds and circumstances, but are looking for the same savior. Since TVC Resources will be a website that creatively and practically looks at cultural and life issues, this gives us a great opportunity to highlight just a few of the issues that men and women deal with on an everyday basis. Each story will highlight a different circumstance with a different struggle, whether that's a mother struggling to stay a float, a husband trying to keep his marriage alive, or a student making idols of his responsibilities and hobbies. We will see glimpses of hope in each of these scenarios, with the graces of God that each character receives.

God is the hero, but TVC Resources is a tool for His saving. The VO will be a poetic/lyrical exploration of the main theme while also informing the viewer/casting a vision of the hope for TVC Resources.


(The stories are told simultaneously, emotionally crescendoing with music/VO to hopeful moments at end)


  1. Student says goodbyes to group of friends and walks through campus, back-pack in tow

  2. She warms up in athletic clothing, goes on a run

  3. Student arrives home from run

  4. She picks up a snack, puts it back down.
  5. She browses instagram intently, she looks at herself in the mirror


  1. Mom is up early, helps children get ready and puts them in the car

  2. Mom drives the children to school (or daycare?), proceeds to work

  3. Stressful day at work (call center?)

  4. Picks kids up from daycare/after school program

  5. Making dinner for kids at home, noticeably stressed and anxious

  6. Mother has sweet moment with child/children


  1. Husband comes home from work

  2. Husband helps wife make dinner

  3. Husband and wife eat dinner together

  4. Wife goes to bed, husband is on computer
  5. We see the glow of a computer screen on his face, scrolling of a mouse
  6. He fights the temptation and gets in bed with his wife



The greatest stories are about redemption. Normal people, unaware of the bigger story they’ve been a part of from the beginning.

Like Huck Finn, emerging from the Mississippi,
Odysseus, battling trials and temptations on his way home to his wife.
Or Jane Eyre, searching for freedom,

It’s the redemption story we can see in our own history.

It’s Daniel, thrown into a den of lions,
Ruth foraging her way through poverty,
Esther fighting for her people,

But this great story was never about Daniel, Ruth, Esther, or David.

They are not the heroes of this story. They are the rescued. Their hope was never in their own strength. They have always been pointing us to someone else. A true hero.

Likewise, we find no hope within ourselves. We are not the heroes. We are merely heirs of mercy. We are simply, the saved.


Visually, we want to establish a very cinematic and dynamic look. We plan on shooting anamorphic and embracing lens flares/imperfections in the image while shooting with mostly natural light. Below are a few images that capture the vibe of what we're going for.




The videos below capture, either visually or in their execution, a similar vibe to what we plan to accomplish.


Great visuals/color, use of VO

Good visual story, emotional VO

Super solid script/tagline

Budget Proposal


  • Activities

    • Meetings/Meals
    • Planning/Logistics
    • Casting
    • Location Scouting
    • Concepting & Scripting
  • Deliverables

    • Full production .pdf
    • Scripts/outlines


  • Activities

    • 3 Full-Day Shoot
    • Director, DP, Producer, PA
    • Camera/Lens Package
    • Lighting Package
    • Meals
  • Deliverables

    • Principle Production


  • Activities

    • 3 Days of Editing
    • Color Grading
    • Sound Design
    • Music licensing/fees
  • Deliverables

    • HD web version
    • Pro Res version for archiving/service playback



Post Production

Total Est. Budget