The Real Estate Project



Who We Are

We are a tight-knit group of creators, collaborators, and inspirers. Our gift lies in our ability to creatively, emotionally connect brands and non-profits to their audiences. 


What We Will Do

Our goal for these videos is to help JT and The Real Estate Project explain the process of how TREP works in a beautiful and effective way. These videos will be short and sweet, and help homebuyers and potential homebuyers know what to expect with the step-by-step processes.

The videos will start with a short montage intro, with the bulk of the video being JT speaking to the viewer in a beautiful home, potentially with kinetic motion graphics laid over top.

Maker Table will shoot and edit nine videos, shooting them in one great home location. Production will last two shoot days.

Why We Do It

In an ever-changing cultural and technological climate, we've found that companies and non-profits are having an increasingly difficult time reaching their target audience in a lasting, meaningful way. Fortunately, we've found a way to solve this problem by bridging the gap between brands and audiences through the medium of film. Our niche is in our ability to cut through all that clutter and get straight to the hearts and minds of a brand or non-profit's target audience. In short, we bring meaning to the seemingly ordinary. 

We're passionate about helping brands and non-profits build lasting, authentic, emotionally connected relationships with their audiences. The process is very important to us, and we pride ourselves on making great work and being great to work with.




The look we will be going for in these videos will be bright, colorful, simple, and clean.





  • Activities

    • Story Concepting
    • Shotlist and storboard
    • Location scouting
  • Deliverables

    • n/a


  • Activities

    • 2 Full Days Production
    • Director, DP, Producer, PA
    • Camera & Lens Package
    • Grip & Lighting
  • Deliverables

    • Principle Production




Est. Budget

15% Partner Discount



Price Per Video







Budget Breakdown


Final Thoughts


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