What We Will Do

Serve Denton supports non-profits that open up doors for people to become self-sufficient.

Serve Denton has a long history in Denton County. Our goal for the project is to create an emotional mini-documentary that tells the story of Serve Denton's long lasting legacy on the people of Denton county, both in the past and in their bright future. 

Why We Do It

As a whole, our culture and our world is consuming incredible amount of film and video. At the same time, they're inundated with thousands of ads every day.

Our niche is in our ability to cut through all that clutter and get straight to the hearts and minds of a brand or non-profit's target audience.

We bring meaning to the seemingly ordinary. 



The narrative of the video will be guided by documentary style interviews by notable people in the history of Serve Denton.

  • Elinor Hughes will talk about the early history, the vision for SD and what the culture of  Denton was like in the 70’s
  • Tim Crouch will talk about his dad and how he put Elinor and his ideas into action starting SD
  • Dr. Betty and Pat will talk about Serve Denton status today, and the vision coming true with the advent of Denton Assistance Center

The interviews will be shot in a very naturalistic style, meeting the interviewee in their natural environment. B-roll will be heavily consisted of archival photos, and the interviewees looking at oldphotos, walking through the new SD space, beautiful shots of Denton locations, etc.



The first rough cut of the 3 minute video will be delivered on September 15, 2017. More in-depth timeline will be discussed and displayed on the SoW. 




Reference Videos

(click on image to watch video)

Artist Spotlight: Tony Anderson

Why it's referenced: Love the use of photos in the "interviews"


Why it's referenced: Emotional documentary storytelling, very compelling, very similar shooting style to what we're planning
(I dare you to try not to tear up while watching this)

Artist Spotlight: Chad Lawson

Why it's referenced: Emotional story, great use of archival footage/photos



  • Activities

    • Rent/prep gear and crew
    • Find and secure locations
    • Location Scouting
  • Deliverables

    • Full production PDF
    • Story outline


  • Activities

    • 2.5 Days Production
    • Director, DP, Producer, Sound 
    • Camera & Lens Package
    • Grip & Lighting
  • Deliverables

    • Principle Production


  • Activities

    • 4 Days of Editing
    • Color-Grading
    • Sound mix/design
    • Media management and archiving
  • Deliverables

    • 3 minute web video
    • Three 15-30sec  social media pieces

Post Production

Est. Budget

20% Partner Discount