Nevada Commercial



The video will be a fast-moving, kinetic, entertaining, and educational commercial following a man's journey of becoming a teacher through iTeach. 


  • The camera pushes in towards a happy teacher in a colorful classroom full of students.  He looks straight into the camera and delivers a line with the utmost confidence. "I know what you're thinking. How did a Joe Schmoe like me become such a great teacher? Well..."  This puts into motion a fun flashback montage. The camera whip pans into the montage. 
  • We see the teacher in his former job, as a staff accountant. His office is bland and desaturated.  "When I graduated college, I spent years working a desk job."   We barely see his eyes over a huge stack of papers. "What? Were you expecting something glamorous?"
  • We cut to him walking home from work on the streets of Las Vegas, briefcase in hand.  "I didn't feel fulfilled. And then it hit me..."   A newspaper flies in the wind and literally hits him directly in the face. He grabs the newspaper off his face and looks at it– on the front page is a story about a teacher changing kids lives. "I realized that teaching was what I wanted to do– I wanted to leave my mark on the next generation of students."  
    The man mouths the words. "But how?"   Suddenly a rock hits him on the top of the head. He looks up and is surprised to see a large billboard. "iTEACH... TEACHER CERTIFICATION... LEAVE YOUR MARK". He looks up and conveys a face that would say 'well, that was easy' (Obama face).
  • The man is at his computer that evening applying for iTeach. The camera zooms around him in a circle as he quickly and easily applies. "With iTeach, all I had to do was apply,"
  • The camera continues to rotate around him at his computer but it's now day time. He works on his iTeach coursework. "...complete my coursework,"
  • The man is now in a classroom doing his student teaching. He looks at his supervising teacher. She gives him, with full cheese, a victorious thumbs up. "...and get hired."  He gives a thumbs up right back.
  • We're now back where we started, with him teaching a class full of students. "And that is how I became a teacher".   He smiles at the camera before a piece of paper flies and hits him in the face, ruining his triumphant moment. Smash cut to title: iTeach Nevada - Your Route to Becoming a Teacher



The 60 second video will be delivered within 6-8 weeks of production. More in-depth timeline will be discussed and displayed on the statement of work.





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Why it's referenced: Comedic, entertaining and fast moving


Why it's referenced: Exciting, fast moving camera-work/editing




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