2017 State Program Videos


What We Will Do

iTeachUS equips post-college graduates to pursue teaching K-12 teaching as a viable career option by providing them with a fast, affordable online solution to gain their teaching certification.

Because of the high-volume of inquiries into the program and the frequency of repeat questions from prospects, Maker Table will produce 24-25 educational videos for iTeachUS' state programs as a tool to educate prospective candidates.

Why We Do It

As a whole, our culture and our world is consuming incredible amount of film and video. At the same time, they're inundated with thousands of ads every day.

Our niche is in our ability to cut through all that clutter and get straight to the hearts and minds of a brand or non-profit's target audience.

We bring meaning to the seemingly ordinary. 




Just like last year's program videos, the goal with these videos is to educate viewers about the various details pertaining to their certification program. Each state will have its own set of videos with an on-screen talent talking directly into the camera as they deliver the information. Each video will be a single static shot of our on-screen talent in a classroom and will have a short graphic intro bumper, a short graphic outro bumper, and a light music bed. A quote for additional motion graphics is available upon request.





Each video will be roughly 0:30-3:00 in length

  • 7 Videos Each – Nevada, Hawaii, Louisiana
  • 3-4 Videos – Texas





We'll aim to shoot the videos before the week of July 24. Videos will be delivered 3-4 weeks after shooting.


Reference Video





  • Activities

    • Rent/Prep Gear and Crew
    • Find and Secure location
    • Find and Secure Talent


  • Activities

    • 2 Days Production
    • Director, DP, Producer, PA
    • Camera & Lens Package
    • Grip & Lighting
    • Craft Services
  • Deliverables

    • Principle Production


  • Activities

    • X Days of Editing
    • Color-Grading
    • Sound mix/design
    • Media management and archiving
  • Deliverables

    • Nevada: 7x – 0:30-3:00 videos
    • Hawaii: 7x – 0:30-3:00 videos
    • Louisiana: 7x – 0:30-3:00 videos
    • Texas: 3x-4x – 0:30-3:00 videos

Post Production

Est. Budget

15% Partner Discount







Final Thoughts


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