Cash Campbell






Imagine a past relationship is a file on a hard drive. That file is being overwritten.


  • The main coverage will consist of Cash singing the song in different locations around NYC. We will cut back to this throughout. (This will be filmed on Thursday, July 27)

  • In the narrative part of video we see Cash with a girl. They’re driving around in a convertible and doing all the other things that he talks about in the lyrics. They’re happy and smiling. When the chorus hits, we see that the girl isn’t actually with Cash, but with a different man. We jump cut in the situations from her being with Cash to her being with the other guy. Almost like Cash’ past memories are being overwritten by the thought of her being presently with another guy.

  • We cut back to Cash in NYC. He's struggling with these thoughts. To take it too literally: he doesn't want to think about it.

  • These glitchy memories continue to happen until the only thing that remains is the girl and the other guy. 

  • The duality of the cool NYC tones and the warm TX tones kind of symbolizes the mashup of country and pop/EDM that Cash represents



With there only being one day to capture in NYC, the biggest concern would be time. With there only being one week until the shoot, there is not a lot of time to really prep and plan this music video, especially on a budget. Shooting in a popular tourist city with lots of police ready to kick you out or ticket you if you don't have a permit, that just adds a whole other layer. That's why we think it would be best to only shoot "lip-sync" coverage of Cash in NYC, as well as some minimal b-roll, leaving another full day to shoot the narrative portion in Texas. This gives us time to really plan and make the narrative stuff look super good and take it from being 





For this concept, the budget would be around the $13k mark. 1 day of shooting in NYC with barebones crew, 1 day of shooting in TX with medium crew, with a rush edit to meet the scheduled deadline on August 18.




Our second concept is much more simple and to the point. We would shoot it all in NYC on Thursday, July 27.

In this video, we would follow Cash as he lip-syncs the song around NYC streets. We would shoot the video straight in front of Cash and symmetrically, that way as we cut between location to location, Cash appears to stay in the same spot in the frame. We would even go as far as to stabilizing cash to the center of frame, so that it would appear that the camera is attached to Cash, and the environment around him is moving. 
(example below)
The b-roll for this video would simply be shots of Cash at NYC landmarks, on the subway, and roaming the streets.

(Example of stabilization technique)



This concept would obviously be a little cheaper than the first as we would be shooting it in one day. The total with concepting, shooting, and editing would be around $8.5k.